Tired of those old-fashioned woodworking tools which take a lot of time to create your desired masterpiece?

Be patient while reading this article. We will provide you the Nova Comet II Review here and also discuss with all the requisite information of it.

Once you have clicked on this article, it is our job to apprise you about the latest woodworking system. Woodworking is a lengthy process; it takes pure attention and patience to create something unique.

In modern days you have to be quick and creative at the same time in terms of competing with others in the world market.

The product that we are going to talk about is a fast, powerful, easily manageable woodworking beastwhich will lead you towards ultimate productivity and, of course, satisfaction.

First of all, let us get acquainted with the manufacturer. 

Teknatool International is a worldwide company providing machinery supply since the ’80s. They have factories in the US, New Zealand, and China.

They are enthusiastic about the advancement of developing innovation and befitting export thoughts. They are proceeding to create and market their new and advanced technology, which is the powerful DVR efficient engine.

This great initiative is going to make them a worldwide technology supplier who will work for the advancement of appliances than being a banal machinery producer.

Nova Comet II Review And Its Features

The NOVA Comet II is an upgraded version of NOVA Mini Lathe. The manufacturer has introduced its consumers with the newest edition, which is very light and much more durable at the same time. The item is so light, weighing only 82 pounds, which makes it very portable.

It is a space-sparing as well as a versatile lathe. Also, it conveys the rough security and the limit of bigger machines. This is the ideal equipment for a wide span of woodwork ventures.

This version is smaller than the expected and makes it the fittest.

Now the operator will have a computerized gauge, which includes a speed controller for greater comfort, ensuring ultimate control of the whole machine.

Nova comet II review

In-Depth Look at Its Latest Features

  • It has the capacity of turning a bowl of 12″/300 mm (inboard).
  • It has a variable speed range of 250 to 4000 revolutions per minute. It provides 3-4 HP of energy and conductivity of 230 v, including 60 Hz of frequency, making it smooth and effortless. 
  • The spindle thread is measured 1″/8 TPI RH.
  • It includes a 2 MT hollow tailstock and a 1.6″/40.66 mm quill travel which are a crucial Nova comet ii midi lathe parts.
  • Also, it gives a 6″ Tool Rest and a 3″ Faceplate with one piece of Live Tailstock Center, Lathe Handwheel Unit, and Knockout Bar, respectively. These are all the Nova comet ii accessories.
  • It also includes parts of breakdown and fasteners with a manual.

Also some other features of this Lathe:

Turning Capacity

The turning capacity between centers is 16.5″/419 mm, which is in standard scale. It is extendable to 42″/1066 mm, utilizing discretionary bed expansion accessory (Additional buy).

Three Steps Pulley System

It has an upgraded pulley method with three steps, which offers diverse ranges of speed while giving the greatest adaptability. The middle process normally gives enough reach to maximum wood-turning purposes; be that as it may, the extra two stages give more force when demanded.

Digital Readout

Rapidly dial-in the right speed for the work, material, and conditions. You are not limited to possibly risky fixed-speed steps.

Forward and Reverse Switch

Forward and Reverse Switch offers extra flexibility with the Nova Lathe and it permits you to accomplish an unrivaled finish of your work.

Let’s Explore Some More Exciting Information

  • The product dimensions are 8.9 inches in length, 17.9 inches in width, and 32.9 inches in height.
  • The motor’s speed is 4000 revolution per minute (RPM), and this machine requires no battery. The measurement system is in Metric.
  • Little, space-sparing design implies that this particular version is actually an inevitable liking for a large number of ventures.
  • NOVA’s new machine with a turn – makes it your adaptable carpentry framework. It really is the perfect midi lathe on the lookout.

Strong Cast Iron development all through conveys ideal quality and inflexibility while retaining any trepidation. The outcome is an outstandingly smooth turning involvement and comparatively faster in the completing cycle, making the structural strength exceptional.

NOVA’s New VersaTurn Technology

Its versatility gives you far beyond a lathe machine. By using this technology, people would then be able to attach extra embellishments with a polishing wheel – no compelling reason to carry an extra polisher while traveling to hone your instruments.


This lathe comes complete with a warranty of 1-year motor and 2-years of mechanical parts.

User’s Experience

The manufacturer is well aware of the convenience of its customers. For which they have set a price that everyone can afford. The overall rating of 4.5 out of stars proves that they have pleased their customers with their service.

In terms of achievement, they are ranked #21 in Power Tile and Masonry Saws category. This also shows that they are in a pretty dominant position in the world market.


  • Space – sparing and very light, easy to pick up
  • No extra tool is required for belt changes
  • Absolute zero vibration without being bolted down while running the motor at full RPM


  • The base of the tool rest is a bit difficult to move

Final Words

The wood lathe has been in a consistent sector of competition in terms of business.

For this reason, you have to choose the worthiest equipment for ultimate productivity as well as pure quality so that you can survive in this contestation. Also, you need to know various things and facts about the machine you are going to use.

You have to critically think and calculate whether the machine matches your desires or not.

This machine has the ability to be an essential or optional machine for various workshops. Also, this could be an incredible choice for individuals who travels instruct/show habitually.

This article has provided you with some of the crucial information about this Nova Comet ii midi lathe that you think that it could be the perfect one for your dream company.

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